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3 types of characters. Billions strategies


Regular Units

$NULS 0.05-0.33 /unit
  • The player follows his own strategy of combinations of three elements to increase the chances of winning.
  • Three types of units available: Pawn, Magician and Shooter to cover so many strategies as you want to use

Magic Stones

$ 1-10 /stone
  • Use 2 stones in each game (or 3 in the premium subscription) to strengthen your army or weaken the enemy
  • Using one stone in the game takes away 1 unit of magic Magic recover 5 points per hour


$ 100-300 /god
  • Playing with gods is an opportunity to influence the abilities of your enemy's army, as well as its individual units, or to add power to your army units. But remember that the number of gods in the game is limited, and each sold god can enhance your opponent.
0 K +

Nuls Earned

0 +


0 +

Supply NFTs Sold

0 K +

HBA Earned from Stake

Be unique and earn more. Much more!


Premium Subscription

$ 100 /YEAR
  • the ability to control the battle
  • 3 times faster MAGIC recovery
  • use 3 stones in one battle (in the standart version 2)
  • super heroes power +10% always

Guild Master

$ 250 /FOREVER
  • - 3% discount on all in-game units without additional conditions
  • - 2% more total bonus per battle
  • - 1% of the battle bonus of each guild member goes to the guild fund
  • Own channel on HBA Discord

Increase Army Supply

$ 49.99 /NFT
  • Adding +100 available to use Army Units

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